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Sample Training Videos
Increased Value

Becoming carbon conscious and more efficient usually means a reduction in service or quality. We are a surprising exception!

Participants can learn exactly what they need, when they are available in a location of their choice.  Using the Internet, DVDs, VOIP and desktop videoconferencing, the lessons are easily accessed and reviewed when needed.  Participants can learn a little at a time or a lot. It’s completely up to them.


Our distance learning tools have increased the value of our training.  Research indicates that distance learning can be more effective than traditional methods.  Its multi-sensory features appeals to a broader cross-section of learning styles. Online learning increases interactions with participants; shy students often open up via email and web 2.0 tools.  Through this increased interaction we can better meet individuals needs.


And we have been able to pass our time and cost savings on to you.

On this page you will find a number of training samples. You will see that our guidance is rich and informative, plus we are bringing you decades of positive outcomes and best practices. Our video library is growing impressively with interviews and case studies from around the world, and, should there be the need for an 'instant' response, our 'live support' desk is always available to clients.

For more information, including a login to further curriculum, please contact Yvonne Fizer:

Office in Sacramento: 916.446.9264

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