Entrepreneur Development Conferences

Unleash your passion:  The Trinity of Management - how to build the winning team your business needs

A one-day conference with a world authority on entrepreneurship, Dr Ernesto Sirolli aimed at entrepreneurs, their advisers and coaches.

» Is your passion product or service design?

» Do you love meeting clients, identifying their needs and selling to them?

» Are you motivated by financial management?

As entrepreneurs around the world have discovered through their work with Ernesto Sirolli, you can’t truthfully answer ‘Yes’ to all three questions.
Or run a successful business on your own.
At this intensely practical and stimulating conference, Ernesto Sirolli shows why it’s essential that you understand and identify your passion in business:

» product,

» marketing or

» finance

and how to build a team around you to complement your skills.  You will see how the Trinity of Management® could transform your business.  It’s a powerful yet simple idea that has transformed the lives – and businesses – of hundreds if not thousands of small businesses from Western Australia to Kansas, Oregon to Liverpool.
We are witnessing a momentous change in the economy.  Economic, social and demographic trends are combining to make working for yourself not just a possibility but a probability for hundreds of thousands of people.  But without appropriate support, many entrepreneurs are destined to struggle ... or fail completely.

Because they lack one simple piece of knowledge: you can’t make a go of it on your own.  So who do you need along for the ride? At this conference you will find out, and get to pinpoint your own passions.
This dynamic event is designed with the needs of entrepreneurs and their coaches and advisers in mind. Attend and you will...

» Network with other local entrepreneurs

» Hear from a world authority on starting your own business

» Learn how to build a winning management team for your business

» Discover your true business passion – and how it will lead you forwards

» Meet people with skills that complement your own

» Gain real-world insights into what works – and why – as your peers share their stories

» Return to your business inspired and emboldened to make it better

Typical Agenda
9.30-10.00 Registration and refreshments
10.00 – 12.00 Passion and Skill

“The dream in your head and the passion in your heart has to be complemented by the skill in your hands.” - Ernesto Sirolli

In the opening session, Ernesto Sirolli examines the basis of a successful business. Using stories and practical examples, he demonstrates that passion alone is not enough. Entrepreneurs need knowledge and skill too.
He introduces the concept of the Trinity of Management®, which underpins the rest of the day.
12.00 – 13:00 Lunch
13:00 – 14.00 Evaluating Skills

“Anywhere, at any given time there are individuals who have energy, ideas and motivation for self-fulfillment, but often lack the skills necessary to transform their dreams into rewarding and fulfilling enterprises.”- Ernesto Sirolli

In this practical workshop, Ernesto Sirolli, encourages you and your fellow to identify your own passion and determine your strong suit: product, marketing or finance.
14.00 – 14.15 Comfort break
14.15 – 14.45 Business Teams

“It is only when you have the working team that you are officially in business.” - Ernesto Sirolli

Ernesto Sirolli brings delegates back to a plenary session to discuss the crucial role team-building plays in successful businesses.He shows that with a team of committed and complementary individuals, a business is closer to achieving its full potential, and so are the entrepreneurs who set it up.
14.45 – 15.00 Q&A
15.00 Conference close

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