Introduction to Enterprise Facilitation Conference

A core Sirolli Institute service is a one day introduction to the history, philosophy and practice of Enterprise Facilitation.  This gives the community a chance to get ‘up close and personal’ with Enterprise Facilitation and to take an informed view on whether it might be right for them. 
Enterprise, entrepreneurship and self-employment are increasingly becoming viable economic alternatives to employment for people from all sectors of society.  Millions of men and women, including minorities and immigrants, have both the means and the willingness to start their own enterprises.  However many never do….

What does this mean for community leaders and local development agencies?

Simply put, those wanting to ride the entrepreneurial wave will have to re-think their economic development strategies.  Working with potential entrepreneurs requires a different set of skills.  We believe that it requires a distinctly responsive approach to compliment strategic top down economic development interventions.
The one-day workshops offered by the Sirolli Institute provide an overview on how the Enterprise Facilitation model works.  The workshops explore how local people can help halt economic decline, especially in small rural communities and economically distressed urban areas.  The workshop or conference is designed to serve as an inspirational catalyst for civic leaders, government officials and business owners seeking to revitalise their local economies by developing more local enterprise..
Typical agenda for the One-Day Workshop
Breakfast meeting with Sirolli Institute staff and a small group of community leaders.
Ripples from the Zambezi — the History of Enterprise Facilitation from Africa to Australia to the US, UK and Canada. Enterprise Facilitation will be presented as an evolving model based on over 23years of best practices collected through implementation of the model in hundreds of communities world-wide.
Philosophical Basis For Enterprise Facilitation – Starting with the premise that creativity and intelligence are to be found in every community, Enterprise Facilitation promotes a “gardening” economy that nurtures economic development from within.
Practice of Enterprise Facilitation – This segment explores the importance of the client-centred approach.  Enterprise Facilitation engages the entrepreneur to discover what it is they truly love to do.  The concept of the Trinity of Management will be described as a centrepiece of Enterprise Facilitation’s approach to business management coaching.
12.00 - Lunch

Implementation – In this section, we explain how to create the environment and community conditions necessary for the project to succeed.  We discuss the role of the Volunteers who work with the Enterprise Facilitator to network on behalf of entrepreneurs.

The “Two Legs” of Development – How Enterprise Facilitation complements and works in concert with conventional economic development programs and services such as micro loan programs, small business development centres and other initiatives.
Questions and Audience Interaction - How could we put Enterprise Facilitation to work in our Community and /or Region?
17.00 Close
Customizing your Workshop
The Sirolli Institute has delivered workshops in church basements to farmers in South Dakota and to high-level business and government leaders in large convention centres all over the world.  
We can customize a workshop to suit the particular needs of your intended audience. 
We can also offer a complete conference management package meaning that all you have to do to underwrite the event costs and help us to identify your target audience.  We wil do the rest.
Workshop Presenter - Ernesto Sirolli
Italian born Ernesto Sirolli, founder and CEO of the Sirolli institute is a dynamic and engaging lecturer who speaks with passion, wit and wisdom about entrepreneurship and its vital role in local economic development. In 1984 he pioneered Enterprise Facilitation, a unique approach to local development based on facilitating the transformation of good local ideas into viable businesses.  Since that time, Enterprise Facilitation has created hundreds of businesses in dozens of communities all over the world.  
Ernesto Sirolli acquired a Laurea di Dottore in Political Science from Rome University in 1976 which included extensive work with international aid agencies in developing nations in Africa.  He later went on to further post-graduate studies at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa and at Murdoch University in Western Australia. Sirolli has published “Ripples From The Zambezi,” a book about Enterprise Facilitation, and is currently working on an new book focusing on his theory of entrepreneurial management.

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