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ver the past 5 years the Sirolli Institute has been invited to address a number of important Mining Industry conferences in  Australia,  the USA and Mexico. At first the invitations took us by surprise. “What do mining companies care about local economic development?” We asked ourselves. Now we know better! After consulting with BHP, Rio Tinto, Newmont, Goldcorp, Coeur D’Alene and New Gold we understand that the better mining companies have a profound understanding of the impact that they have on communities and are striving to leave a legacy, in the regions where they operate, that goes well beyond the life of the mine.

In mining circles the talk now is about a ‘social license’ to operate. A ‘license’ that is moral, not legal, and one that is achieved by companies that are so good –to the economy, the environment and to the local people - that they become a precious and welcomed partner to the long term development of the area.

The Sirolli Institute’ contribution to the mining industry is in the field of local economic development and community capacity building. Enterprise Facilitation, in particular, has been adopted by two international mining companies: New Gold in Cobar NSW Australia and COEUR in Palmarejo Mexico.

We will start posting information about our mining partners and we invite interested people from the industry to contact us and, in particular, Greg Blaylock, our mining liaison consultant who if featured in this page.

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Mining Evidence

Mining Community Development:
From Rhetoric to Practice

While working with mining companies we have noticed that the language and the thinking behind community development have made dramatic changes. It is as if the rhetoric is finally in place. It is the tools that have to catch up! Download the article


La minería y el desarrollo de las comunidades:
de la retórica a la práctica

Mientras hemos colaborado con compañías mineras, nos hemos dado cuenta que el lenguaje y la manera de pensar relacionados con el desarrollo de la comunidad han realizado cambios dramáticos. Es como si la retórica por fin ha quedado establecida. Son los instrumentos o herramientas los que hay que poner al día.


The Northern Miner:
A New Tool For Community Development

For many reasons, building infrastructure is the easiest thing for mining companies to do. Unfortunately, as recognized by the ICMM, the approach is not sustainable.Download the article

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