Independent Reports
Independent Reports
NSW Parliament Annoucement - May 2012

NSW State Government Report ~ Economic and social development in central western New South Wales

Recommendation 22

The Committee acknowledges the efforts of communities to ensure their own economic sustainability, through initiatives such as the Cobar Enterprise Facilitation Program, the Big 10 Ideas to Grow the Central West‘ campaign, and the Team Harden action plan. Similarly, the Foundation for Regional Development, and in particular the Country and Regional Living Expo, provide an excellent opportunity to promote the benefits of regional living. Recommendation 22 suggests that the NSW Government provide financial assistance to such community led initiatives to allow the continuation of their work.

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Date Wed 06/13/2012 @ 12:43
Author Sirolli Institute International

Blaenau Gwent Interim Reports

Blaenau Gwent Effect was operationally established on March 14th 2011 to provide Enterprise Facilitation® services based on the principles of the Sirolli Institute. Theincreasing financial hardships, lack of employment opportunities and anti-enterprising culture in the Blaenau Gwent area made it an ideal candidate for an Enterprise Facilitation® approach.

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Date Mon 05/14/2012 @ 08:50
Author Dora

Biggar Economics Report - East Perthshire Scotland

 An independent Review of Start-up and SME support Services in Perth & Kinross done August 2010 by BIGGAR Economics

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Date Wed 04/20/2011 @ 09:15
Author Sirolli Institute

Scottish Due Diligence (PDF)

Assessment of the proposal to run a pilot of the Sirolli Enterprise Model in Scotland.

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Date Thu 04/07/2011 @ 02:48
Author Iain Scott

2003 Kansas Sirolli Institute Evaluation Report

This report is part of a series of reports prepared by the Center for
Rural Entrepreneurship in partnership with EntreWorks focusing on
the Sirolli Institute Initiative in Kansas. This is the year two report
documenting progress within this initiative.

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Date Thu 04/07/2011 @ 02:46
Author Kansas Sirolli Institute Project

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