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Sirolli Institute Project Stats

With Enterprise Facilitation® Sirolli Institute communities experience new business success rates consistently exceeding 80% after 5 years.

Average cost per job created with Enterprise Facilitation - $ 3,000 USD

Average program cost per year after initial 2 year period - $75,000 USD

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Kansas Case Study

Kansas: communities grow through Enterprise Facilitation

In 2002, five Kansas projects involving 28 counties began using Enterprise Facilitation to support entrepreneurial growth at the community level. Their success is nothing less than spectacular. Consider these facts:

  • 94 per cent of businesses started in these projects are still active in 2007
  • each project averages 10 to 15 business startups annually
  • these startups produce 40 to 60 new jobs each year per project
  • the annual budget per project ranges between $75,000 to $90,000 (averages out to about $2000 invested per job created)

In 2007, the Kansas state government recognized this success by pledging to support up to 30 per cent of ongoing annual funding for the five Enterprise Facilitation projects. This is more than just investing in economic development – the state government has committed specifically to the Sirolli Institute’s innovative method for empowering entrepreneurs and building community capacity.

Read on to find out more about how Enterprise Facilitation is transforming Kansas communities:

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Rossendale Update

Since the project started activity in September 2003 up to September 2005 the Enterprise Facilitation® project has achieved :

  • 500+ Local Introductions, enabling the Enterprise Facilitator to build a substantial network that generates enquiries for help without any other form of marketing.
  • 320 Enquiries from potential clients for assistance.
  • 155 Clients receiving assistance: 45+ of which are community or social enterprises, and
  • 50 New Businesses: 25 run by women
  • 18 major development projects
  • 88 local people have been involved in the Community Board so far, all of whom have gained a much sharper picture of what it takes to start and sustain a small business, many of whom have gone on to leading roles in the LSP or in their community.

In the words of the panel who run the project:

‘the value for money in terms of outputs is excellent. In terms of community regeneration it’s priceless.’

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