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Sirolli Credo

We are an advocate for a civic economy, a model of development that supports the creation of wealth from within your community by nurturing the intelligence and resourcefulness of your people. We champion the development of community pride through the passionate mentoring of local talent.

We promote quality local enterprises that

»  diversify the economic base,

»  create jobs,

»  respect the natural environment and

»  infuse the community with local vigor and content.

We support home businesses, mixed use areas, livable cities and the emergence of a civic society.

The methodology we use in achieving indigenous growth is Enterprise Facilitation® a social technology that is recognized as a viable complement to conventional top down economic development strategies.

Enterprise Facilitation is based on the passion, entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity and the fundamental needs for love, respect, quality and beauty found in every community. It maintains that every object we use, the clothes on our backs, our houses, our food, our music, our beliefs and our pathways in the forest are the result of passionate people transforming their talents and visions into good work.

"The “economy”, to us at the Sirolli Institute, is nothing less than millions of people doing beautifully what they love doing. The better they are at it, the better the economy!

The difference between poverty and riches is the presence, or not, of civic society, i.e. the combination of social conditions and reciprocity which allow creativity and intelligence to blossom or to wither and die.”
Dr. Ernesto Sirolli

“Day to day in our communities I seldom see signs of hope for a prosperous future but, I know at least once a month, I do see it at our Enterprise Facilitation meeting!”
Dustin "Dusty" D. Rauschenberg

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