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Dr. Ernesto Sirolli Chairman and C.E.O.

Italian-born, Dr. Ernesto Sirolli received a Laurea di Dottore in Political Science from Rome University in 1976 and a Ph.D. from Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia in 2004. He has worked in Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada,  the U.S.A. and the United Kingdom in the field of economic development. Dr. Ernesto Sirolli

In 1985, he pioneered in Esperance, a small rural community in Western Australia, a unique economic development approach based on harnessing the passion, determination, intelligence, and resourcefulness of the local people.

The striking results of “The Esperance Experience” have prompted more than 250 communities around the world to adopt responsive, person-centered approaches to local economic development similar to the Enterprise Facilitation® model pioneered in Esperance.

Enterprise Facilitation has been documented in Dr. Sirolli’s book: “ Ripples from the Zambezi Passion, Entrepreneurship and the Rebirth of the Local Economy." Adopted as a textbook in an increasing number of academic courses in Community and Economic Development, the book has helped to introduce Enterprise Facilitation to a new generation of economic development practitioners and civic leaders interested in growing their communities from within, one passionate person at the time.

Dr. Sirolli is a noted authority in the field of sustainable economic development, and is in demand as a speaker worldwide.

Dr. Ernesto Sirolli is the Founder of the Sirolli Institute, an international nonprofit organization that teaches community leaders how to establish and maintain Enterprise Facilitation projects in their community.



Martha J Sirolli Co-founder and Executive Director

Martha Sirolli, a founding Director in the Institute, was born in remote outback Australia and before moving to America worked as a public relations consultant and in Martha Sirolliperforming artists management and event management, in Fremantle and in Sydney.

Martha has worked for fifteen years with Ernesto on incorporation of the International company, publishing projects and development of remote access products. She administrates Sirolli Institute International, and manages project logistics and events & conferences for Project Implementation She manages company intellectual property and copyrights.

Martha lives between her garden in Sacramento, California and the family home in Abruzzo Italy with her husband Ernesto.



Linda McCowan Implementation Team Specialist

Linda McCowan is a trainer and master facilitator for the Sirolli Institute Implementation team. She evolved into this position by being an enterprise facilitator for Prairie  Enterprise Project, a grassroots economic development program in Central Kansas. “Linda is a great presenter; she uses humor, experience, knowledge and reflection very well. She is well prepared and listens with well to her trainees. She is well presented and engaging with different personalities.” Participate in a 5-day Enterprise Facilitator training course.

Linda is also one of eight people chosen in Kansas to be a non-profit facilitator under the direction of the Kansas Health Foundation. Prior to this position, Linda worked with Kansas Juvenile Justice Authority, Kansas Department of Corrections and Kansas Special Olympics. She grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska and  graduated from Southern Utah  University. She and her husband, Walt, own Santa Fe Mercantile Antiques in Pawnee Rock, Kansas, “right on the Santa Fe Trail.”

Linda founded Prairie League of Women, a once a year tour of homes,businesses, and attractions in central Kansas; and co-founded Wichita Corporate Women, a mid management support group. She loves to cook, grow her own herbs, and help people realize their potential.

Linda serves on several community boards and is active in her church.


Joanne Le Patourel  Mining Communities Development Specialist      

Joanne is a consultant with the Sirolli Institute and is also working with World Vision Australia. She has over 5 years experience with a background in economics and international aid and development working in Australia, Malawi, Brazil and Switzerland. born in Malawi and now living in Melbourne.

Her social sector/not-for-profit clients have included The World Bank, Concern Worldwide, CARE International and Opportunity International Bank of Malawi (OIBM). Joanne is a member of the Australian Institute of International Affairs and frequently advises the Development and Integration of People with Disabilities NGO in Malawi. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics, a Bachelor Degree in Arts and Graduate Diploma in Education.


Rebecca Welter, Administrative Assistant

Born in Petaluma, California, Rebecca Welter is currently working on a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Accounting at California State University Sacramento.



Circe Cox  Implementation Team Specialist - Bi Lingual

Born in Jalisco, Mexico, Circe Cox earned an accounting degree from Circe Coxthe Instituto Tecnológico de Ciudad Guzmán.

She became a “convert” to the Trinity of Management concept after working as an Enterprise Facilitator for a working-class community in Los Angeles and, separately, helping train teams of people involved with two economic development projects in New Mexico. Through these and other professional experiences, Circe came to see how the Trinity of Management® approach helps businesses develop strong strategies for survival and growth. She has since joined the Sirolli Institute in hopes of putting the concept to work in more Spanish speaking communities.

As an independent contractor in economic development for the last 15 years, Circe has worked in the Los Angeles area for ICON-CDC, NEW Economics for Women, Valley Economic Development Center, five Small Business Development Centers, Florence-Firestone Chamber of Commerce, Harbor Business Assistance Center, three Women’s Business Centers and a Women’s Business Development Center in South Florida


Francesco SirolliFrancesco4FB Intern

Australian-born Francesco Sirolli grew up in Rome. At age 20 Francesco moved to Australia to Murdoch University where he received a Bachelor of Psychology in 2008 and a Masters of Applied Psychology in Organizational Psychology. A fully accredited Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Western Australia, Francesco is currently practicing in Rome, Italy.

Francesco’s focus is to introduce the Sirolli Institute to the European market, outside the UK. His work involves project development of Italian and European funded programs (Lifelong Program, Fondimpresa, Fondirigenti) to introduce the Sirolli methodology to potential entrepreneurs and vocational trainers.

Francesco has also been writing proposals for the Sirolli Institute, focusing on mining and community development. He is responsible for the development of science based papers around topics relevant to the Institute: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),community development, social entrepreneurship and cultural psychology.


Directors at Large

Emeritus Professor Peter Newman

Professor Peter Newman, born in Australia, founded the Institute for Sustainability and Technology Policy at Murdoch University in Western Australia 15 years ago. He is a world renowned author and consultant on sustainable city transport and environmentally sustainable city growth. Peter is also a visiting professor for city and Regional Planning at the University of Pennsylvania.

Professor Newman began working with Ernesto Sirolli in 1979 and assisted with creation of the first Enterprise Facilitation model. They worked together in Australia as advisors to the Minister for Economic Development from 1988 – 1993 and , through the ISTP, co published the first edition of “Ripples form the Zambezi” in 1995. Peter lives in Fremantle, AU.



LaDonna Boyd

LaDonna Boyd, born in Minnesota, has held the position of Economic Development Director for Dakota Electric Association for many years. She has worked with Ernesto on a number of community projects over the past seven years, and was instrumental in bringing him to the United States. She is very active in local economic development programs in metro and rural Minnesota. and is a tireless community volunteer.



Robert H. Engler

Robert H. Engler was born in Minneapolis and is the President and co-owner of Griffco, Inc., an incorporated industrial supply company based in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.

Bob first contacted the Sirolli Institute in 2001 after reading an article in Venture magazine, and after meeting Ernesto Sirolli  he adopted the use of the Trinity of Management® for his company.

Bob is a Vietnam veteran, and began his life as an entrepreneur at an early age. He is an avid collector of pocket watches, Tiffany lamps and classic cars.

Scott Moen

Scott Moen, born in Minnesota, is a practicing attorney in St Paul with particular experience in 501- C3 non for profit organizations. Scott attended one of our Enterprise Facilitator Training Seminars in 1998.

Scott is currently working with an associate to develop market research and software designed to measure the effectiveness of management based on the Sirolli "Trinity of Management" TM principles. 

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