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Who we are
The Sirolli Institute is a Social Enterprise that consults and trains in the field of Local Economic Development and Corporate Social Responsibility. We believe that the future of every community lies in capturing the talent, energy and imagination of its people hence we specialize in responsive approaches to Local Development that grow the community from within, transforming passionate people into successful entrepreneurs.
What do we do
  • We consult with governments and corporations in the field of Local Community Development and CSR.
  • We train local leaders, economic development practitioners and personnel involved in sustainable community development in Enterprise Facilitation®
  • We train the personnel of public/private agencies who are tasked to assist local entrepreneurs in the Trinity of Management®
  • We develop entrepreneurial curricula for schools 
  • We publish books and white papers  on the above subjects
  • We address conferences and seminars worldwide 
·         We influence public policy on development and entrepreneurial education
When did we start
  • 25 years of experience in Enterprise Facilitation®
Dr. Sirolli developed Enterprise Facilitation® in Australia in 1985. The Sirolli Institute-International Enterprise Facilitation Inc. was created in the USA in 1996 as a 501(C3) charitable organization. The Sirolli Institute Canada was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1997. The Sirolli Enterprise Facilitation UK CIC has been incorporated in 2011.
How do we do it:
The Sirolli Institute has successful projects in 5 continents including North and South America, Australia, Europe, Africa and Asia.  In many instances we partner with local successful trainees in delivering our services.
  • We visit communities, speak at events, train and mentor passionate people worldwide
  • We have offices located in United States, London and Canada.
How do you contact us
Please write to:
Call (North America)  1 877 SIROLLI
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